Our Experience

Our experience can best be conveyed through our satisfied clients. Here are a few testimonials.

When I tell the story of how I have created a professional life that follows my passions, I include the work of Tracy Carmen-Jones and the WaterLight Group. The one-on-one coaching I received from Tracy opened my mind and my heart to the authentic possibilities of a non-traditional work life. I often tell people that I started working with Tracy thinking she would help me polish my resume and tell me to what companies I should send it. Instead, I received the ability to think more deeply about my purpose in life and how to fulfill it through a career.


When I was promoted to my current leadership position, I was fortunate enough to have been been given access to Tracy as my coach. Her deep and broad subject matter expertise, drawn from decades of her own corporate executive experience and the best executive coaching programs in the nation, allowed her to target and address my areas of opportunity and growth. After almost two years of Tracy's mentorship, I feel I am fully equipped to succeed at my current level of management and beyond.
DIRECTOR, DIGITAL STRATEGY, Family services provider


Tracy Carmen-Jones was extremely influential in my professional development. She helped me define goals and chart the next steps of my career. Tracy is enthusiastic, insightful, and genuine. She gave me a different point of view. With her help, I was able to recognize the changes I needed to make to move forward and where I could improve myself.
Account Manager, The Buzz Magazines


As an instructor of communications at the University of Houston, I believe it is crucial for my students to hear from top practitioners and leaders of various fields. Tracy Carmen-Jones fit the bill perfectly. Her enthusiasm is infectious and mastery of her profession evident. She expertly tailored her presentation to our 20-something college students while respecting the thoughts they shared in class. I look forward to having her share her expertise with my future students.
Instructional Assistant Professor, Jack J. Valenti School of Communication


Tracy is incredibly engaging while presenting a new perspective on professional development — something to continue taking time to think about long after the session has ended.
President, MBA Women International – UH Chapter


The work that Tracy Carmen-Jones is doing for our Professional Women's Group is truly exceptional. Working with a diverse group of women could be challenging, but not for Tracy. She skillfully engages them to interact on different levels; bringing their common dreams, fears and life challenges to the surface. Once engaged, she subtly guides them as they interact and come up with 'the answers.' Tracy is shaping lives and attitudes and creating new possibilities.
President & cofounder, dress for success houston


Tracy has an awesome ability to focus and stay on track.  She was terrific at asking questions when that made sense or pushing a bit when that was what I needed.


I was able to understand and recognize the true meaning of Trust. Trust and fear cannot share the same space. To lead effectively I realized that I needed to first evaluate myself to ensure my own behaviors were consistent and in line. Being genuine was important to me and I wanted my team to know I truly cared about their success within the organization
vice president OPERATIONS, national youth development ngo


My discussions with Tracy throughout this process have been focused and insightful. But I think the best tool was her report to me on the survey she did with my co-workers. It was eye-opening and gave me some concrete issues to contemplate and actions to take.”
vice president communications, national ngo