Executive Coaching Programs in Houston, TX

One of our leadership coaching classes in Houston, TX, in progress

Growth from the inside out is the basis of WaterLight’s approach to leadership coaching. We stand and move with individuals and teams on their journey to accomplish specific goals, objectives and results. With extensive business experience and leadership coaching credentials from Georgetown University, our coaches spark self-awareness and change by fusing best-in-class coaching techniques with caring, wit and ingenuity. We listen and engage each client by providing safety and challenge to see things anew.

Leadership Coaching Services

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one engagements begin with an exploratory meeting to determine the focus of the coaching sessions and the tangible results desired by engagement completion. Coaches will utilize a variety of techniques and approaches to heighten awareness and encourage new behavioral practices. Session length ranges from 90 minutes to two hours. Sessions available in person and by phone.

Small Group Coaching

Small group coaching engagements are designed to improve personal effectiveness and impact. Each engagement will be customized to the collective needs of the group. Sessions will employ experiential learning, engaging group members in exercises, assessments and dynamic interaction activities that add depth and tangibility to the concepts introduced. Participants will gain insights and techniques that can be applied to the work environment and beyond. Sessions available in person only.


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PITstop Program
Say What? Leading Conversations for Impact and Results

Speaking Engagements

Interactive talks customized around relevant topics that move action forward. With in-depth experience in working with Customer Care Representatives, Professional Staff, Corporate Officers and Moms with Professional Backgrounds, we have an engaging way of communicating concepts that heighten impact.