PITstop...Assisting People In Transition

The WaterLight Group has a penchant for assisting People in Transition (PIT). Our goal with the PITstop program is to enable people in transition to pause and experientially ponder, identify and more fully become the person that best reflects their heart and intuition. The program leverages best practices in leadership coaching and corporate senior management experience to provide interactive workshops that facilitate self-discovery.  

The PITstop program utilizes an experiential approach. Each module in the program is designed to introduce participants to topical concepts and enable them to interactively explore and apply the concepts to work and life circumstances. The modules are high-energy, dynamic and interactive. Each module works from a specific set of objectives designed to generate key takeaways for participants by session completion.

The PITstop program includes three workshop series with each focused on a specific component of the self-discovery journey: empowerment; perception preparation; and career planning. Each workshop consists of stand-alone modules that sequentially build in impact and effectiveness when experienced as a full series. A high-level overview of each PITstop workshop and supporting modules are provided in the following pages.

PITstop Program Workshops and Modules
The Empowerment Workshop Series
    • Hold Your Power
    • Put on Your Thinking Cap
    • The End Run
Go BIG Workshop Series
    • Stand and Shift
    • Visualize/Actualize
Slingshot Career Planning Workshop Series
    • Pull Back Reflection
    • Target Seeking
    • Bulls Eye