Session: Who’s In Charge?

A Leadership Workshop Based on Emotional Intelligence

Workshop Overview: 

Emotions are in every action and decision you make.  Do you have your emotions or do they have you?

Participants in the Who’s in Charge workshop are invited to learn what makes up emotional intelligence (EQ) and how to put it to work. 

In this experiential workshop, we will unpack emotional intelligence and explore how each component works together to guide your conversation, behaviors and decisions. We’ll pinpoint where your emotions are ripe to run wild and how to harness and leverage them to significantly increase effectiveness and impact. This workshop begins with a fun exploration of the internal pressures that we have within us that have a tendency to appear when we‘re in challenging situations that can sabotage team dynamics and outcomes.  Using a fun assessment tool, each participant will discover/revisit the saboteur behaviors that are likely to appear when they are in challenging situations. We’ll explore how the behaviors can benefit and harm team dynamics as well as how to use the awareness for success.  

In this experiential workshop, participants can:

  • Understand Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the advantages of managing it effectively

  • Evaluate their EQ and pinpoint strengths and improvement areas

  • Pinpoint where emotions may run wild and learn how to harness them

  • Identify internal pressures that can block EQ

  • Design a personal TAKE ACTION roadmap to boost EQ

Session: Stand or Shift?

Workshop overview:

What would happen if you viewed challenging situations from a different perspective?

Participants in the Stand or Shift workshop are invited to understand the role that perspectives and assumptions play in determining how they initiate, respond and show up to others at work. Using a framework anchored by six unique perspectives, workshop attendees will further define and explore each perspective and the behaviors, language and impact that accompanies them.  Using real life situations, each participant will be able to identify their current stance and explore the benefits and perils that shifting their perspective could have on personal effectiveness, impact and productivity. This session builds self-awareness and explores the choices available to each person to translate intention into action. The workshop introduces an approach, provides real world practice and techniques that participants can leverage immediately following the workshop.

In this fun and engaging workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Learn six perspectives available to use in challenging situations

  • Discover your default STANDs and gauge how well they’re working

  • De-code language, behaviors and actions perspectives of each path and learn how to move between paths

  • Recognize ‘choice points’ and when to fortify your stand or shift

The Stand or Shift framework is inspired by ‘The Power of TED’ a book written by David Emerald. 

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