The OOO Course - Thursday, January 25, 2018

Opportunity. Obstacles. Overwhelm. How to use AGILE techniques to optimize Opportunities, obliterate Obstacles and overcome Overwhelm. Are you out of kilter and stretched thin straddling projects, reports and deadlines while keeping the fire burning brightly with family and friends.

Introducing The Current, an e-newsletter that brings fresh perspectives to life.

The Current approaches work situations with a straight-talk perspective that accesses the "positive action" voice in our heads and brings energy and momentum to our work.

January 2018: Better Together, Explore Race and Culture Over a Cup of Joe

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April 2017: Are you Crazy!?! (The Change Maker)

March 2017: The Inspiration of the Oscars

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January 2017: You Had Me at 'Hello'


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December 2015: The Makings of a GM

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February 2015: Stand or Shift?

October 2014: Emotional Labor

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"What Makes the Difference?" Workshop

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