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LEadership coaching overview

Growth from the inside out is the basis of WaterLight’s approach to leadership coaching. We stand and move with individuals and teams on their journey to accomplish specific goals, objectives and results. With extensive business experience and leadership coaching credentials from Georgetown University, our coaches spark self-awareness and change by fusing best-in-class coaching techniques with caring, wit and ingenuity. We listen and engage each client by providing safety and challenge to see things anew.


One-on-one engagements begin with an exploratory meeting to determine the focus of the coaching sessions and the tangible results desired by engagement completion. Coaches will utilize a variety of techniques and approaches to heighten awareness and encourage new behavioral practices. Session length ranges from 90 minutes to two hours. Sessions available in person and by phone. 


Small group coaching engagements are designed to improve personal effectiveness and impact. Each engagement will be customized to the collective needs of the group. Sessions will employ experiential learning, engaging group members in exercises, assessments and dynamic interaction activities that add depth and tangibility to the concepts introduced. Participants will gain insights and techniques that can be applied to the work environment and beyond. Sessions available in person only.

experiential workshops

  1. WaterLight Group has several leadership workshops that could benefit and advance the leadership qualities of an organization’s seasoned staff and emerging leaders.

  2. Our leadership workshops utilize an experiential approach to heighten awareness of self, teams and organizations and acts as a catalyst to move awareness into action.  

  3. The sessions are designed to introduce attendees to topical concepts and enable them to interactively explore and apply the concepts to work and circumstances. Each session is high energy, dynamic and interactive. 

  4. Our session works from a specific set of objectives designed to generate key takeaways for participants by session completion.  Each session is profiled in key Areas of Action:

    Envision and Evaluate

    Excite and Enroll

    Engage and Execute

PITstop Program

The WaterLight Group has a penchant for assisting People in Transition (PIT). Our goal with the PITstop program is to enable people in transition to pause and experientially ponder, identify and more fully become the person that best reflects their heart and intuition. The program leverages best practices in leadership coaching and corporate senior management experience to provide interactive workshops that facilitate self-discovery. Learn more… 

Say What? Workshop

This workshop module focuses on understanding and improving the quality and types of conversation to forward the action. The workshop is designed to heighten self-awareness and challenge existing assumptions about role responsibilities and how to effectively enroll others to embrace the effort or initiative as their own. Learn more…

We’re ready to help you reach the extraordinary.  

Speaking Engagements

Interactive talks customized around relevant topics that move action forward. With in-depth experience in working with Customer Care Representatives, Professional Staff, Corporate Officers and Moms with Professional Backgrounds, we have an engaging way of communicating concepts that heighten impact.

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