Session: Navigating Conflict 

Workshop Overview: 

Can you route through issues without causing collateral damage?

Participants in the Navigating Conflict workshop are invited on a journey to define conflict and learn how to effectively navigate around internal and external barriers that thwart meaningful progress. 

 In this workshop, we will outline seven core concepts that enable participants to understand the value addressing issues plays in building relationship resiliency and strengthening teams. The workshop interactively engages participants around the question ‘why bother’ addressing issues and builds conflict engagement skills. In this workshop, participants will explore the following:

  • Importance of strong, in-depth relationships to create an environment for rigorous interactions to occur

  • Existence and relevance of viable perspectives

  • Speech acts and how to employ specific language and behaviors to forward the action

  • Role of timing and fierce conversations in getting issues worked to ground

  • Ability to embed rigorous conversation around the issues in operational work processes 

Participants will create a personal roadmap that outlines the key conflict management actions he or she is willing to incorporate into their work behaviors through year end.

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