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In the first half of 2019, we introduced the Women’s Powerdine, our latest offering that provides leadership workshops, dining and signature drinks tailored to women committed to making work WORK on their own terms.

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Slingshot Career Planning Series

The Slingshot Career Planning Series is a focused and disciplined “pull back” and review of work experiences, interests and passions to map a path forward that fuels and actualizes one’s  core purpose and unique skill sets. This series utilizes the framework advanced by Ginny Clarke, author of Career Mapping: Charting Your Course in the New World of Work to capture, distill and prioritize information required to unearth future career options and opportunities.


is the first module and the cornerstone of the Slingshot series. Participants in this module will explore work history, interests and passions to uncover the common threads that weave through their experiences. This module equips the participant to “pull back” and excavate elements that are central to their core being and required for future opportunities. Participants are invited to critically evaluate the core elements and determine how prominent and important they are to their next career move. Future opportunities and career options will be evaluated on the basis of how well they align and enable core elements to flourish.


is the second module of the series and is designed to find the roles that best enable the participant’s core elements to thrive. This module is anchored in the adage, “Your heart and intuition somehow already know what you want to become.” Participants will develop a list of potential positions as part of the process of honing and prioritizing next-step career options. Once developed, the list will be evaluated alongside other next-step criteria and requirements to develop a short list of positions, roles and industries of interest.


is the third module of the Slingshot series. This session enables participants to create a career map focused on identifying prioritized industries and companies that best enable their core elements to flourish and aligns with other work criteria. Participants will finalize their personalized career map, including developing a networking guide and action plan to begin a targeted search for the next career opportunity. 

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