The Empowerment Series

The Empowerment workshop series is foundational to the PITstop program. This series focuses on understanding the source of one’s inner power and experiencing how to effectively tap into and self-manage this power.


is the first module in the Empowerment series. This module introduces participants to the concept of inner power and the impact it can have on how a person shows up at work, home or in the community. Participants will experience “power plays” and learn the role that emotions play in how inner power is demonstrated in behaviors and actions.


is the second module and explores the role that thoughts play in personal effectiveness. This module examines thought patterns. Each participant is invited to identify, classify and challenge reoccurring thought patterns that sabotage personal effectiveness in one-on-one and group interactions. Participants will explore key reoccurring thought patterns and their current impact on actions and results. Leveraging techniques to recognize and build confidence in managing inner power, participants will learn how to reframe reoccurring thought patterns and outline the future state impact that reframed thoughts can have on personal effectiveness.


is the third module of the Empowerment Series. Using concepts introduced in earlier modules, this session is designed to build capability in getting desired results.  By starting with the end in mind, participants will deepen their understanding of outcome-driven language and action.  They will be introduced and practice specific ‘speech acts’ to more effectively refine their language to facilitate action. Through awareness of the triggers that lead to self-sabotaging thought patterns, participants will learn how to consistently reframe thoughts that could derail conversations and actions as they work toward achieving desired results.

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