Session: Team Cohesion through Accountability

Workshop overview:

As a key tenet of cohesive teams, how ready are you to hold team members accountable?  

Participants in the Team Cohesion through Accountability workshop are invited to explore the role of accountability as a key component of cohesive teams. In the context of teamwork, accountability means the willingness of team members to call their peers on counterproductive performance or behaviors.  In this workshop we will discover the willingness of team members to take on the interpersonal discomfort of addressing counterproductive behavior and how to move beyond the more general tendency to avoid difficult conversations. 

In the Team Cohesion through Accountability workshop we will:

  • Define accountability and how it relates to cohesive teams

  • Explore areas of improvement in accountability within the organization

    • Overall

    • Within teams based in one geography  

    • Within Tulsa based team

  • Experience a tool to help define accountability by role and task across the organization

  • Discover your default approach to handling difficult conversations and identify areas of self-improvement

  • Outline what is at stake if accountability is not established and sustained within and across the team

Session: Who are You Being at Work? 

Workshop overview:

Are you open and taking deliberate strides to build your relationship capital at work? 

Participants in the Who are You Being at Work workshop are invited to move beyond focusing on performance capital to developing points of connection that build familiarity and trust. This engaging and interactive workshop invites participants to define and explore their personal brand and: 

  • Strengthen f their interactions, familiarity and connections with direct reports, peers
     and senior management

  • Balance performance and relationship capital

  • Identify where do they stand in challenging situations 

In this workshop, we will build awareness of the differences and similarities of each participant’s work persona and true persona. We will explore the value of bringing one’s true persona to work and key tactics that can increase each person’s comfort level and willingness to make connections. Using real world work scenarios and examples, we will explore the journey that others have taken to more fully integrate personal elements into their work life.  

Participants in the Who are You Being at Work workshop will build self-awareness to:

  • Understand how my approach impacts performance and availability of exposure opportunities

  • The pitfalls and risks of staying within one’s comfort zone and not extending oneself
     to build new relationships across the organization

  • How to integrate and accelerate  leadership skills to expand political capital 

Session: Team Dynamics

Workshop overview:

How cohesive is your team?

Leveraging team dynamics demonstrated during the Executive MBA rowing activity, attendees will be introduced to the concept of cohesive teams and the impact of team interaction on generating results. Attendees will utilize Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team framework and evaluate their team dynamics in terms of the following elements:

  • Trust

  • Willingness to Engage in Unfiltered Conflict

  • Ability to Commit to a Plan of Action

  • Holding One Another Accountable

  • Attention to Results

Attendees will evaluate their individual and collective strengths and improvement areas and how to leverage the power of the team to achieve success. 

In this workshop, attendees will:

  • Outline elements of team cohesion and team dysfunctions

  • Identify team and individual triggers 

  • Determine how to accelerate team cohesion behaviors and guard against dysfunctional
    behaviors and actions

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